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Submitted on
November 6, 2012



1` I can only do request's on Transformers prime or bleach
2` OC's are accepted
3`I would post your request when i can
4`Pairing's are accepted

Spots Closed:

1) :iconashido117:
2) :iconwhiteirislady:
3) Not available
4) Not available
5)Not available
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May you do a drawing of my OC?
She's in my TFP fanfic.
Lil-9 Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sure:)Tell me what i need to do.
Ok. I would like for you to do is that.... um... This is going to be some title/poster thing.
In the middle front is going to be Sakerra. She'll be wearing the paladin's armor [link], but with her helmet off, her dark brown hair is down. She'll be turning 16, so technically she's a teen.
On the left side of her is Team Prime. While Jack being nearest to her, 'cause their brother and sister.
On the right side are the 'Cons.
For the love interest, I think could be a little tricky... there's another paladin. He's medium built, his armor is blue with silver lining. And he has a helmet but you can only see his mouth. And he smiles at Sakerra mysteriously.
And there's two things then I'm done. Ok, for Sakerra's and the Autobot's new adversaries are kind of dress like the dementors and the Nūzgul so they're like way behind Sakerra. And the last and final thing is the princess. Since the poster's going to take place at night, could you make a "shadow" sort-a picture on the moon.
Well..... That's it.
If you have any Q's, let me know.
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